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2021 Global Premium Stroller Brand (Summary of the 2021 Best Strollers)

Based on big data, we will review and summarize the best-selling premium stroller brands from the summary of the 2021 best strollers.

The epidemic has not stopped the innovation of stroller designs. Numerous new and good baby strollers and premium stroller brands are dazzling for parents. If you are a novice parent who has just entered the diaper market with no time to read guides, our first recommendation is a long-established diaper brand, not an unheard-of brand. After all, experience represents market recognition. Based on big data, we will review and summarize the best-selling premium stroller brands from the summary of the 2021 best strollers. Please read our newest Baby Stroller Buying Guide for more.


Wikider is a German brand, which specializes in the development and sales of baby strollers, mainly lightweight and high-view strollers.
– Shock absorption, safety, and comfort are synonymous with its stroller.
– The stroller can be used by the baby from birth to four years old (the space is also large enough, with a length of 95cm).
– Shock absorber: There are four-wheeled shock absorbers, independent suspension type shock absorbers, giving babies all-round protection from feet to heads.

2. Goodbaby

Goodbaby, an earlier brand of strollers in China, is sold globally. Goodbaby integrates baby carriage design, research, and development, manufacturing, and marketing into one, mainly engaged in baby carriages, baby seats, baby clothing, etc. It has product designs and many related patents. It is a relatively stable brand in the maternal and infant industry.

3. Stokke

The design of the Stokke stroller is really simple and functional. It can be called Land Rover among strollers. Its design and style are unique. The tall parents pushing this domineering stroller will surely make everyone’s eyes shine. No wonder Stokke has become one of the stroller brands that domestic parents pay attention to in recent years.

Stokke Xplory series strollers are classic and enduring. But the price of its stroller leaves many parents beyond the reach-Stokke’s ordinary stroller costs more than 6K.

Stokke brand strollers have high-view highlights, and cheap baby seats that are usually seen are relatively short. The advantage of the high landscape design is that it brings the baby closer to the parents, and at the same time gives the baby a higher field of vision, and avoids being blown by the car exhaust.

Stokke is very large even when folded. Therefore, families who purchase Stokke should have a sedan with a relatively large rear trunk, preferably an SUV, a seven-seater, etc. If the size of the home is small, it is not suitable to buy Stokke, otherwise, the living room can only be reduced to a stroller parking lot.

The weight of Stokke is as high as 10.5KG. If you need to walk in and out of the house by stairs, consider it carefully. In short, the Stokke brand stroller is a high-end car suitable for big houses and big cars.

4. Cmyu

CMYU stroller brand focuses on lightness and combines modern fashion style and safety-oriented values to make safety one step further and peace of mind. The products under the brand are designed and developed based on ergonomic principles such as safe travel and healthy growth for children. The functional characteristics of CMYU strollers:

  • Lightweight and compact: the car can be retracted with one hand, it does not take up space when folded, and the shoulder strap is convenient to carry.
  • Comes with a strong shock absorber system: the built-in spring shock absorber can effectively prevent roll, and has a high safety factor, which can easily cope with rugged road conditions.
  • The seat backrest is mechanically integrally supported, with strong load-bearing, no breakage, no mold, and even force on the back.
  • Seat angle adjustment: The seat can be adjusted at will from 95 to 175 degrees, and the seat backrest can be adjusted.
  • One-leg dual-brake system: One-leg dual-brake design can effectively avoid misoperation, and it is flexible to start and stop.
  • Five-point seat belt: One-button release is safe and fast, and the elasticity of the five-point seat belt can be adjusted to firmly protect the baby from falling.

5. Silver Cross

Silver Cross, a British brand, has different types of strollers to provide comfort and safety for parents and babies. At the same time, the appearance of the stroller is very elegant, but the price is several times more expensive than other strollers.
The one-click collection is really easy to use. The disadvantage is that it is too heavy.


MIMA is another high-view stroller with a style design similar to Stokke. Compared with Stokke and other strollers, MIMA has a unique EVA faux leather fabric material, which can be cleaned with a damp cloth and presents the feeling of a high-fit leather seat.

In terms of functional details and handling, MIMA also performed well.
– The seat height can be adjusted freely.
– Split design.
– Handlebar height support adjustment, suitable for parents of all shapes.
– When dining out, MIMA can also be used as a dining chair straight up.


As a German brand, Bugaboo is very reliable in quality. Someone once said that the car at home can be used for several years without any quality problems. The price/performance ratio is higher among strollers.
The stroller cover of Bugaboo can be purchased separately.
Also worthy of praise is the Bugaboo’s storage function and stable chassis.


The 4moms Origami stroller, which focuses on technology, embodies a futuristic style everywhere.
-Fully automatic retracting design-press the button to open or retract by itself, like a Transformer.
-This stroller has a USB charging function. Intelligence is also reflected in the real-time monitoring of temperature and speed, and the LCD screen can be connected to mobile phones and players.

9. Inglesina

Inglesina, originated from the Italian aristocratic brand, adheres to the concept of “creating a product that can help parents take care of their children” and the belief of “allowing children to enjoy the royal family”.

-It uses particularly exquisite materials to continue the ancient Italian craftsman tradition to polish elegant baby products.

– The price is more expensive, which the average family can’t enjoy it.

– The wheels are big. Ride comfort, strong shock absorption.

The above is the ranking of global premium stroller brands in 2021. Hope you can find your best stroller. The above is a comprehensive ranking based on real sales, evaluation, word of mouth, quality, safety, comfort, shock absorption, cost performance, and other factors in the market.