Baby stroller buying guide

2022 Baby Stroller Buying Guide- How to Choose the Best Stroller?

Here is a thorough baby stroller buying guide to different types of strollers, so you can select the stroller that best fits your family.

Whether you are going to a leisurely stroll in the park or visiting all the views of Paris, baby strollers are a need for traveling with your child. The right baby stroller not only gives a safe place for your child to take a snooze or rest, but it also gives you a place to keep all your basics, from damp wipes as well as diapers to changing clothes and extra pacifiers. Here is the most comprehensive 2022 baby stroller buying guide to different types of strollers, so you can pick the best stroller that ideally matches your household.

Different Types of Baby Stroller

The market is full of many types of baby strollers, so it is best to get the baby stroller that best matches your way of life. Here we break down the 6 major baby stroller styles you require to recognize:

1. Full Size Stroller

What it is: Full-size strollers are usually just more powerful versions of compact strollers. Full-size baby strollers are typically taller, bigger, as well as larger than compact infant strollers. Nonetheless, one significant difference is that full-size baby strollers can typically be broadened to double (or triple) strollers.

This is a good selection for families with multiple births, growing families, and more. The accessories are endless, from added seat benches, moving boards as well as child seat adapters to child car seats.

A full-sized stroller can be used throughout the toddler period and it is well worth the investment. These infant strollers are bigger, stronger, and typically extra long-lasting, as well as are the basic selection. Furthermore, many stroller styles have a complete series of features, which not only make the baby’s riding a pleasant flight but also make your life less complicated.

Full-sized stroller pros:

The best alternative for many families, a full-sized baby stroller covers all the essentials and nice extras, including but not limited to:

  • The comfy well-padded seat.
  • Alternative to install the seat facing forward or backward.
  • Telescopic handlebars to adapt to different heights.
  • Convertible design that fits throughout the toddler period.
  • Attach to car seat (optional).
  • Sturdy tires with good suspension to absorb shocks.
  • Nice extras, such as a cup holder or snack tray.

Full-sized stroller cons:

  • It maybe cumbersome (if you take public transportation, often climb stairs, or walk through busy streets or small shops with your baby, this will make travel more difficult).
  • It can be crowded for families with limited space.

2. Compact Stroller

What it is: Compact strollers are almost the same as full-sized strollers. Both have nice extras including but not limited to reclining seats, footrests, telescopic handlebars, storage baskets, etc. The biggest discrepancy is the size. Compact strollers are only shorter and narrower than full-size strollers.

The compact stroller with three wheels is proven to be more convenient and portable. Generally, it can be transformed into a travel system by using a proper adapter to integrate with the baby car seat. And it is a type of stroller mainly used in the family.

Compact stroller pros and cons can refer to the full-size stroller mentioned above.

3. Jogging Stroller

What it is: The jogging stroller is specially developed for coping with rough terrain and has an enhanced suspension system for smoother riding. A jogging stroller is a great option for runners for exploring outdoor activities.

Jogging stroller pros:

  • Jogging stroller with good suspension system for comfortably jog or hike.
  • With rotatable or fixed front wheels for flexibility and stability at higher speeds.
  • Jogging stroller with car seat. Some jogging strollers can be used for the entire infant stage in coordination with the compatibility of the car seat.
  • Some features include deep reclining seats, retractable handlebars and spacious storage baskets.
  • Key safety features: handbrake, five-point safety belt and wrist strap. So don’t jog with a stroller without these functions.
  • Jogging stroller travel system: Some can be converted into a travel system for more outdoors adventures!

Jogging stroller cons:

  • A bit heavy and difficulty in the assembly.
  • Compared with many full-size strollers, jogging strollers are usually larger, which suggests that it‘s inflexiable to push jogging strollers in cramped rooms.
  • Foldable jogging strollers are generally larger than folding umbrella strollers.

4. Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

What it is: As the name suggests, lightweight umbrella strollers are much lighter than traditional strollers. They are sometimes called travel strollers.

As a necessity of the family, the lightweight or umbrella trolley for toddlers gets most families’ preference because of its portability and lightness. Foldable, small size, and easy to carry are its characteristics.

Although it does not have some of the features that can be found in a full-size stroller, the umbrella stroller is very easy to operate during the journey. You don’t have to worry about bumping into people in crowded places. It is a great umbrella stroller allowed on planes, which can be easy to put in a travel bag to prevent damage during a flight.

Its style is diverse, such as non-reclining or reclining umbrella stroller, foldable umbrella stroller. Different styles have different budgets, and we need to purchase them based on different family needs.

Umbrella stroller pros:

  • Umberlla stroller weight limited: About 50 pounds or 23 kilograms on average.
  • A umbrella stroller for airplane travel is designed for flexibility and portability.
  • Easy to fold, carry and store.
  • Some with useful functions: partial seat reclining, expandable canopy, storage baskets, built-in cup holders or snack trays.

Umbrella stroller cons:

  • Most umbrella strollers are developed for infants 6 months or older, as well as are not appropriate for newborns and baby of several months.
  • Most lightweight strollers are not designed with a convertible option, which means you may need to buy an extra stroller for the second baby.

5. Travel System

What it is: The travel system is a multi-piece set, sold as a package, including strollers and baby car seats, and possibly additional car seat bases and other accessories.

You can buy a prefabricated combination of strollers and baby car seats of the same brand. Or, you can buy a compatible car seat adapter to realize the integration of different brands of strollers and baby car seats.

Travel system baby stroller

The travel system pros:

  • Travel systems are widely used in various types of strollers (such as full-size, lightweight, and jogging strollers). There is also a certain choice of style, price, and configuration, so it is not difficult to find the stroller travel system you like.
  • The travel system is rich in functions and features bells and whistles, such as one-handed folding, trays, cup holders, and reclining seats.
  • Normally, a travel system has a weight limit of about 40 pounds, some 55 pounds or more.
  • Move the sleeping baby from the car to the stroller without waking her.
  • Buying a complete travel system can save more money.

Travel system cons:

  • The extra features cause travel system strollers to tend to be heavy.
  • Heavy strollers are not convenient for going up and down stairs or public transportation.
  • Even when folded, strollers of travel systems tend to be larger in size.
  • The size and weight usually mean that the steering is not very good on the travel system stroller.
  • Sometimes, some companies try to lower the price of the entire travel system, resulting in a component that suffers in terms of quality or convenience.
  • In other travel systems, good car seats and strollers are fragile and may fall apart within a year or two.

6. The Double (or Triple) Stroller

What it is: The double stroller can accommodate two children at the same time. If you have twins or children of similar age, a double stroller can make your life easier. There are two configurations of double strollers: inline (front and rear) or side by side.

When buying, you should take these factors into consideration: the width, mobility (is it well-balanced? How does it turn?), and whether it is compatible with one or two car seats.

Double stroller

Double stroller pros:

  • For twins or more babies, this double stroller ensures you to manage only one stroller.
  • It’s large enough to have plenty of storage space.

Double stroller cons:

  • Double strollers are bigger and heavier. It weighs 40 pounds and covers an area larger.
  • They are less flexible to adapt well to bumps and alternating terrain.

7. Car Seat Carrier

What it is: The car seat carrier includes handles, storage baskets, and wheels. These wheeled frames come in handy when you install a compatible baby car seat.

Car seat carrier

Car seat carrier pros:

  • Compact and light.
  • Easy transition in and out of the car, and suitable for travel.
  • Some car seat carriers support multiple babies.

Car seat carrier cons:

  • As the baby grows, the car seat carrier needs to be replaced accordingly.
  • It doesn’t have any extra bells and whistles, such as cup holders or storage.

13 Things To Consider When Buying A Baby Stroller

How to Choose the Best Stroller? What to consider when choosing a stroller? The market is covered by strollers of various styles, prices, and brands, and most parents feel at a loss when choosing a stroller. To help you finalize the list, there are 13 things that should be considered when buying a stroller.

1. JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) Certification.

This is the most basic security guarantee. Strollers that have obtained this certification have been tested by an independent third party, showing that they meet the minimum standards for safe use.

2. Budget.

If you have a sufficient budget, you can consider higher-priced strollers, which generally have a better suspension system and more comprehensive bells and whistles. However, it is not advisable to overemphasize the budget, and it is (very) possible to buy a satisfactory stroller with a lower budget. After all, different strollers have their own characteristics. To avoid this confusion and hesitation, it is necessary to set a good budget before you start shopping. Then, based on the stroller budget set in advance and your needs, you can make the purchase process more worry-free.

3. Lifestyle.

According to different lifestyles, different styles of strollers have appeared, such as full-size strollers, travel strollers, car seat carrier, umbrella strollers, jogging strollers, and so on. Choose the one that suits your lifestyle and your children.

Therefore, please carefully consider the following questions and more before buying:
– Do you need to take a walk nearby?
– Is there enough space in the home to store the stroller?
– Do you need to drag a stroller up and down stairs or take it with you on public transportation?
– Are you planning to use a stroller to meet all your needs?
– Or buy a multi-purpose stroller and add another stroller for travel or jogging as your child grows?

4. Family size.

If you only want one child, one stroller may be enough. However, if you plan to have one more child in the next two or three years, please consider investing in converting a single stroller into a double stroller.

Finding a stroller that can grow with the baby can maximize the benefits – if you choose to have more children, it may be longer.

5. Safety.

Safety is paramount. A stroller with a five-point safety belt can be fixed and unlocked and has reliable brakes. Check the frame for any sharp edges. Check where your little fingers and toes might get stuck.

6. Easy to use.

Can you manage it easily? Is it easy to lift the stroller in and out of the car? Can it be manipulated with one hand?? How to deal with sharp turns?

It is wise to drive and test its convenience personally. After all, the stroller cannot give good feedback on the rugged ground on flat ground. And these will let you know whether the stroller you choose is easy to use.

7. Is it easy to fold and unfold?

When you are holding a baby or more, the simpler and easier it is to fold and unfold the stroller, the better. No one wants to be in a hurry; no one wants to be messy.

8. Stroller weight.

How heavy is it? If you often travel with your baby, the lighter the better. For example, if you often take your baby, diaper bag, and stroller to go up and down stairs or take a bus, the bulky stroller will increase your burden of going out and make you exhausted easily.
Note that the standards for the definition of lightweight strollers are different from each other. Some stroller manufacturers define a 25-pound stroller as lightweight, while others may be 12-pound.

9. Newborn friendly.

If you want to put your newborn baby in a stroller for a stroll, you can find a stroller with a padded seat that provides a deep tilt or cradle mode, or a stroller that can be connected to a car seat or cradle.

But more styles are more supportive for babies (usually 6 months old) who have certain neck control or can almost sit up on their own. At this time, it is a must to choose a suitable car seat or cradle.

10. Steering.

In a sense, you and the stroller are a whole. So please make sure that you can control your stroller comfortably and coordinately and can walk with the stroller at a normal stride without touching your calves.

11. Adjustable handle.

The adjustable handle is friendly to people of different heights. If there is no fixed person to push the stroller, it is necessary to find a model with an adjustable handle.

12. Comfort is also important. Generally, you will not choose expensive ones, only suitable strollers, so you must choose according to your child’s own situation. Don’t follow suit.

13. Go for a test drive.

The test drive is the last checkpoint. In this way, you can truly experience the overall feeling of the stroller, such as whether it is easy to use, how safe, and the comfort and coordination of you and your baby.

Baby stroller buying guide

Main Baby Stroller Features To Look For

Finding useful features of the stroller is very helpful for how you use the stroller. Learn about these features and see which baby stroller features are needed for you:

1. Adjustable handlebar. It can be adapted to people of different heights by adjusting the height of the handlebars, which are ergonomically designed.

2. High-quality wheels. The use of high-quality wheels allows the stroller to travel safely and comfortably on even uneven terrain without worrying about being broken. High-quality wheels are more durable.

3. Stroller canopy cover. Adjustable canopy is generally standard for strollers. Regardless of the weather, such as rainy or hot days, the stroller canopy provides protection for your baby from ultraviolet rays and climate factors.

Black stroller canopy cover

4. Storage. Parents usually bring a lot of baby necessities and personal items when they go out with their babies. At this time, some bells and whistles of the stroller come into play, such as baskets, cup holders, etc.

Parents usually bring a lot of baby necessities and personal items when they go out with their babies. At this time, some bells and whistles of the stroller come into play, such as baskets, cup holders, etc. The large basket under the stroller seat is a great place for diaper bags, wallets, and grocery bags. The cup holder can be used to place drinks and straw cups. Other small storage spaces can also be used to store mobile phones, keys, and other snacks.

5. Strollers with a car seat. If your baby often travels with you, you can invest in a stroller with a car seat, such as a travel system with a compatible baby car seat. The travel system can remove and leave the sleeping baby in the car seat together instead of waking them up.

An alternative option is a universal stroller frame. This allows you to fix the car seat on its bottom without waking your baby.

6. Fold. When faced with crying and restless babies and holding more things in hand, being able to easily fold the stroller with one hand is the greatest gratitude.

7. Brakes and locks. The brakes of different strollers are not the same. There are three common types:
– Some strollers can lock the wheels on the handlebars.
– Some strollers have foot brakes and locking devices.
– Many three-wheeled strollers are equipped with front-wheel locks to increase driving stability.

8. Shock absorber. In order to let the babies lie comfortably in the stroller, many strollers are equipped with shock absorbers, which can make the babies less bumpy when riding.

9. Washable fabric. Undoubtedly, the stroller will get dirty after a long time. The style of easy-to-wash fabric can be washed frequently to give your stroller a new look.

Stroller Accessories

Stroller accessories are creative compensators and are the icing on the cake for stroller design.
Common ones are stroller rain covers, armrests, baby stroller hooks, stroller cushions, stroller cup holder with phone holder, stroller boards, stroller mosquito nets, stroller arch of toys, stroller organizer bag, and so on.
Main functions: one is to protect the car from wind and warmth, to keep out the rain and sunshade; the other is to facilitate the carrying of baby products, and the third is to better protect the car body, and more.

What Is The Best Safest Baby Stroller?

Safety is the top priority. There are many mixed products on the market, and safety cannot be guaranteed. When in the purchase of a stroller, some safety features should be noted.

  1. Look for a five-point safety harness. 
  2. Check the brakes of the stroller to see if it is easy to use and practical.
  3. Check the stroller for stability.
  4. Be careful of any protrusions or sharp edges to prevent the baby from being pinched and damaged.
  5. Note how deep the seat is tilted. Look for models that fit your baby’s reclining or cradle attachments.
  6. A stroller awning or stroller canopy is essential for the sun (or rainy days).
  7. Push the stroller with one hand and be able to push it in a straight line.
  8. The handlebars should be flush with your waist or slightly lower.

Security Precautions

In any case, the safety and comfort of the baby are always the first priority.

  • Never leave your child alone in the baby stroller.
  • When your kid is being in the stroller, be sure to utilize a safety belt.
  • Do not utilize cushions or blankets as cushions in baby strollers. If the infant has too much area in the stroller, place a snugly rolled up covering around the infant to aid him or her remain still.
  • When the infant stroller is stagnating, make certain to step on the brakes.
    Never ever hang a wallet or baby diaper bag on the handle of a baby stroller. The child might be knotted in the bands and suffocated, or the weight of the bag might trigger the stroller to topple.
  • To avoid squeezing your infant’s head, when utilizing the stroller in a reclining setting, close the opening in between the seat as well as the armrest.
  • Fold up and also unfold the infant stroller away from kids, so as not to squeeze their fingers.
  • If you have actually acquired a new infant stroller, please register with the maker to make sure that they can contact you if there is a security problem in the future.

Final Words

As referenced beforehand, regarding how to choose a good stroller, I hope this baby stroller buying guide can help you. As for which types of the stroller to buy, remember: buy on demand!