Baby Bottle Comparison

Baby Feeding Bottle Comparison: Glass, Plastic, or Silicone?

Are you feeling conflicted about getting a baby milk bottle? When it comes to the baby feeding bottle comparison: Glass, Plastic, or Silicone? Which is your favorite?

With numerous unique baby feeding bottles available on the market, picking an ideal one for your infant might be a tricky task. The key issue that requires to be attended to is the material of the kid bottle.

Traditionally baby bottle material is glass. Later on, the plastic baby feeding bottle entering the market became a boon for its plenty lighter weight. As technologies develop and requirements appear, some baby bottle manufacturers are bringing out baby bottles fabricated from non-conventional materials such as silicone.

Bottle materials can be classified into 3 groups: plastic, silicone, and also glass. Every product has its very own benefits and also downsides. But which one is better overall — plastic or glass or silicon?

First, let’s start with plastic baby feeding bottle.

Plastic Baby Feeding Bottle
Plastic Baby Feeding Bottle

Plastic bottles are absolutely the most affordable and also one of the most common choices. They have the largest selection, travel well, and they ought to all be BPA cost-free– a secure selection for your infant!

Plastic bottles have the quickest life expectancy, mostly from the wear and also scrapes, but can still last a fairly very long time.

As a result of their adaptability, they offer plenty of various options for moms and dads from nipple areas to airing vents to even bottles that make formula feeding incredibly simple for moms and dads that require to go that route!

What to know about plastic baby feeding bottles?

Prior to you choosing baby containers made from plastic, learn if they’re safe for your infant.

  • Some older child bottles could contain Bisphenol A, likewise called BPA, a kind of commercial plastic first created for usage in the 1960s.

BPA has been linked to troubles with brain growth as well as habits in fetuses, youngsters, as well as infants. The web links are so strong that in 2013 the U.S. federal government outlawed BPA in infant formula packaging.

Although infant bottles made after 2013 no more have BPA, older plastic bottles (and other food containers) might. Constantly look for products identified as BPA-free.

  • Are contemporary plastic baby bottles safe?

Plastic feeding baby bottles that don’t consist of BPA are normally taken into consideration risk-free to utilize, although some study recommends that non-BPA plastic can leach chemicals right into liquids.

Experts suggest staying clear of alcohol consumption liquids from plastic containers that have actually sat in the warm sunlight, for example, even if the plastic is non-BPA.

  • How do I understand if a plastic infant bottle is BPA-free?

Plastic infant bottle produced in the U.S. after 2013 is BPA-free.

If you’re not sure just how old the plastic child bottle is, throw it out as well as acquire new ones. Plastics that contain BPA have normally identified “COMPUTER” or “7,” showing polycarbonate plastic.

  • How do I clean plastic baby bottles?

Provided non-BPA plastic’s sensitivity to warmth, handwashing plastic child bottles is advisable. A container brush can assist you clean tough-to-reach areas at the bottom of the bottle.

  • Can I save formula in plastic child bottles?

You must not keep infant formula in plastic containers in the refrigerator as it raises the probability that plastics will certainly seep right into the fluid.

Next is glass baby feeding bottle.

Glass Baby Feeding Bottle
Glass Baby Feeding Bottle

Years as well as years back, glass was about the only alternative when it came to bottles. When a BPA problem (that has given that been dealt with) lowered plastic bottle’s appeal, as soon as plastic came along they came to be less and much less prominent until a couple of years ago.

Glass is generally the most costly option, it is heavier than the other 2, it often tends to be harder for children to hang on their own, and the obvious downside-when dropped they’ll damage!

On an extra favorable note, they are all-natural, difficult to scratch, easy to tidy, as well as definitely have a lengthy lifespan. Sleeves are made for very easy gripping as well as they can likewise lessen the possibility of ruining.

Given that glass is the most all-natural option they tend to be the fave of our environmentally conscious moms!

What to find out about glass baby feeding bottles?

Making use of a glass infant bottle solves many of these troubles. Dishwasher-safe and plastic-free, glass child bottles are antique but reliable. Reliable, if you do not mind holding a heavier bottle, and also your infant is not the bottle-throwing kind.

  • Are glass baby bottles safe?

They can be. Lots of child containers made from glass are solidified to ensure that they’re more powerful and also withstand breaking or damage if dropped.

Many parents use a rubberized glass bottle cover to prevent breakage arising from dropping.

  • Can glass bottles be washed in the dishwasher?

Yes, they are!

Due to the fact that they can endure the high heat of the dishwasher, glass containers are much easier to cleanse and also sanitize.

Plastic bottles, on the other hand, break down in the dishwasher, potentially seeping chemicals right into the infant formula as well as other liquids.

  • Is it true that glass bottles lower colic?

Some brands, like Brown’s, claim that their glass baby feeding bottles reduce fussiness caused by digestive concerns such as gas as well as spitting up.

Whether or not that’s real is unknown, however, opportunities are it’s the design of the bottle as well as not the glass itself that’s the reason.

  • Can I keep formula in glass infant bottles?

It is secure to store baby formula in glass bottles.

Last is silicone baby feeding bottle.

BPA Free Food Grade silicone baby feeding bottle
BPA Free Food Grade silicone baby feeding bottle

Among the many silicone products flooding the market, silicone baby bottles are probably one of the most brand-new as well as most innovative.

Silicone bottles have actually ended up being a new generation of mainstream safety containers. The bottle is made of top clinical-grade safe silicone, light as well as transparent, not conveniently broken, and also easy to use.

The product is flexible to it is simple to realize with small hands and also easy for a mother to clean.

Unlike various other products, silicone stands up to oxidative damage, which indicates that it doesn’t break down like other materials.

Quality silicone items can hold up against sanitation, cleaning with hot water, and changes in temperature (such as when it’s mistakenly left in the cars and truck) as long as those temperature levels don’t go beyond 300F.

What to find out about silicone baby bottles?

  • Can I microwave silicone child bottles?

The very best solution is– it depends.

Since microwaves have various settings, the temperature level inside the microwave is identified by the electrical power.

Technically, microwaves do not produce warmth like an oven, stovetop, or fire.

They heat up food in a similar way to the means the sun warms your face– via waves of electromagnetic power.

This is also why using a microwave produces hot spots and also is not typically suggested for heating breast milk or formula.

As mentioned, it’s ideal not to warm silicone items to temperatures above 300F.

Inspect the settings for the internal temperature if you select to utilize a microwave.

  • Can I place a silicone baby bottle in the dishwasher?

Yes. Washing your silicone infant feeding bottles by hand with moderate soap free of fragrances as well as oils is a wonderful means to ensure their lastability.

Yet the top shelf of dishwashers is risk-free for silicone child bottles as the temperature level is appropriate for silicone!

  • How do I decontaminate silicone baby bottle?

The bottles you select will usually come with a collection of instructions best utilized for that particular item.

But generally of thumb, you can steam silicone baby containers in a pan or cleaner on the stovetop at temperatures up to 212F.

Child bottle sterilizers are additionally designed to steam clean your baby’s containers at the appropriate temperature level.


Each baby feeding bottle has its characteristics. That relies on your top priorities. Glass infant bottles are much better for the atmosphere, quickly cleansed, and do not include toxins that could leech into your infant’s formula. Plastic baby bottles, when taken care of correctly, are also generally risk-free to use– thinking you leave them out of the dishwasher and do not clean them utilizing rough abrasives that can wear down the lining. Plastic bottles are unbreakable as well as likewise lightweight, making them safer for the days when the baby can self-feed. Silicone child bottles make a fantastic as well as comfortable option to glass, and also plastic infant containers because they are toxin-free, flexible, simple to tidy and also sterilize, as well as really feel all-natural in your child’s hands.

Ultimately, baby feeding bottles of different materials have their own characteristics. Parents can choose the material of the baby bottle according to the baby’s age and their actual situation. We like baby products that make life easier for both mother and infant!